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The economic impact of depression costs
$210.5 billion (half in direct healthcare
costs and half in workplace absence, disability
and presenteeism),(1) and causes 400 million
lost workdays(2) each year.


A recent study by the National Behavioral Consortium showed that out of every 100 covered employees, only 4.5 of them are using EAP counseling services.


That same study showed 1.2 percent took advantage of EAP organizational services and 1.6 percent used work-life services.(3) Time constraints and other challenges have prevented employers from helping employees take the right steps with EAPs.



Enter Right Direction


Right Direction is an educational initiative for employers that:


  • Raises awareness about depression in the workplace.
  • Promotes recognition of early warning signs.
  • Reduces stigma that serves as a barrier to getting help.

As an EAP, Right Direction provides you with resources that your clients can use to more effectively engage with you and increase utilization rates.



Why Right Direction?


  • It’s free. There’s absolutely no cost to use the materials from Right Direction.
  • It’s easy. We’ve done the legwork to make the initiative simple for you to promote and user-friendly for employers to implement. In the Right Direction Materials Library, we share rollout instructions that walk them through the entire process – from getting organization leaders on board to ways to measure and sustain success.
  • It’s customizable. You can co-brand Right Direction materials – from posters to manager presentations – with your organization’s logo. Simply select the button “Click here to customize your materials” at the top of the Materials Library to gain access to files you can customize.
  • It doesn’t replace your offerings – it maximizes them! Right Direction works in tandem with your efforts. It helps increase your visibility as a resource to engage employees seeking help.


EAPs are Experiencing Great Success in Rolling out Right Direction with their Clients


Learn how work organizations like yours are using Right Direction to team up with clients to enhance engagement and increase utilization rates:



Start Introducing Right Direction to Your Clients



  • Direct them to the Rollout Guide on the Materials Library. This is the resource to start with when introducing Right Direction to your clients.
  • Encourage them to visit the For Employers page on RightDirectionForMe.com.
  • Share the success stories to illustrate the potential impact Right Direction can make in their workplace.




Implementation is easy with our materials library,
which you can access now!

Download an implementation “field guide,” managers toolkit, Right Direction posters, logos,
PowerPoint presentations and more to help launch this initiative in your organization.



  • Please bookmark the materials library page when it opens to avoid filling out a form every time you return to the site.



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