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It's time to talk openly about depression in the workplace.

The Right Direction is an educational initiative created to raise awareness about depression in the workplace, promote early recognition of symptoms and reduce the stigma
surrounding mental illness.

People struggling with depression will be less
impaired at work if they seek help. By sharing
information and solutions, we can help
reduce the strain on employees and
on company resources.


The initiative increases appropriate utilization

of services through EAP and behavioral health

benefits to allow for:


  • Healthier, more productive employees
  • Decreased disability costs
  • Less turnover
  • Retention of valued employees

Implementation is easy with our materials library,
which you can access now!

Download an implementation “field guide,” managers toolkit, Right Direction posters, logos,
PowerPoint presentations and more to help launch this initiative in your organization.



  • Please bookmark the materials library page when it opens to avoid filling out a form every time you return to the site.



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