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Depression is a serious condition that affects all aspects of a person’s life. This includes the ability to be productive and successful at work.

Right Direction is a first-of-its-kind initiative that gives employers the tools they need to address depression in the workplace. What makes this initiative unique from other depression awareness campaigns is that it was developed for and by employers for specific application at the workplace. It provides turnkey, customizable resources and materials to increase awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage people to seek help.


Right Direction is the brainchild of Clare Miller and formerly of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, and Marcas Miles, of Employers Health, who both saw an opportunity for employers to address depression. Launched in May 2013, Miller and Miles began work to co-create the initiative. Miller, the former director of the Center for Workplace Mental Health, a program of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, and Miles, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications with Employers Health Coalition, Inc. were well-positioned to combine their employer and mental health expertise to deliver a high impact program that meets the needs of employers and leverages existing mental health programs.


Right Direction is available for free through generous support from Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. (TPUSA) and Lundbeck U.S., two companies that recognize the value of working with employers. Clare Miller has taken her expertise and experience with workplace mental health to Facebook where she currently serves as the Mental Health Benefits Manager. Darcy Gruttadaro, the current director of the Center for Workplace Mental Health is working closely with Marcas Miles in supporting the broad implementation of Right Direction.


Hundreds of companies across the US have adopted the free, turnkey initiative, while engaging and strengthening key vendor relationships (employee assistance programs, medical and mental health/substance abuse plans, pharmacy benefit managers, among others) and have realized both strong quantitative and qualitative outcomes. A number of employer case studies have been developed to illustrate how Right Direction can effectively address depression in the workplace. With treatment, employees struggling with depression will see great strides in improved productivity, overall performance, and will realize their full potential at work and at home.


Marcas Miles

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications,
Employers Health

Marcas Miles is a senior communications and public relations professional with nearly two decades of progressive experience. Currently with Employers Health, a national coalition of employers based in Ohio, he has spent most of his career in the health care and workforce development sectors. An emerging thought leader in addressing depression in the workplace and improving worker productivity, he has broad experience in assisting employers to leverage health benefits to improve cost, quality and accessibility of high-value health care services. He works to establish relationships with decision makers and other health care purchasers and influencers and has an excellent grasp of the challenges faced by today’s human resource and benefits professionals.


Darcy Gruttadaro, J.D.

Director, Center for Workplace Mental Health,
American Psychiatric Association Foundation

Darcy Gruttadaro joined the APA Foundation in 2017 as the director of the Center for Workplace Mental Health. As director, she is developing and implementing the Center’s strategic direction in providing employers high impact tools and resources to support the mental health of employees and their families. Before joining the Center, Ms. Gruttadaro served in multiple senior positions with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Ms. Gruttadaro has expertise in effective approaches to expanding evidence-based practices, improving early intervention, securing insurance coverage for mental health services and building a broader array of effective services and supports that promote resiliency and recovery.


Clare Miller

Mental Health Benefits Manager, Facebook
Co-creator, Right Direction



To learn more about how you can implement this initiative at your company, or to include a speaker/presentation at your upcoming meeting, conference, or business event, contact Marcas Miles at 614.336.2883