Rollout Steps Materials Library

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Administrator Materials
Gain leadership support and plan your rollout using these helpful tools.

Business Case, FAQs and Implementation Plan


Right Direction Fact Sheet (two-page sheet)


Start the Conversation
with Your Vendors


"Paying the Price"

Instructions here

Planning and Evaluation: A Brief Guide

Sample Planning Worksheet




Right Direction
News Release Template



Maximizing Your Existing EAP to Tackle Depression in the Workplace: OCLC


University Tackles Depression in the Workplace: Kent State


Mental Health Observances Calendar



Logos, Templates and Technical Information
Add Right Direction icons to your internal employee communications.


4 color


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1 color (black)


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1 color (PMS 7502)




Instructions Here

Stress Bear Imprint Logo



Lady Bear


Gentleman Bear


Both Bears
(With bleed lines for printing)


Misc. Campaign Design Elements
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PowerPoint Decks
Gain support for the initiative and promote it across your workplace using these already-created presentations.

Blank PowerPoint templates


Visual PSA slides
(for use on hallway TVs, etc.)

Instructions here

Senior Leadership PowerPoint
(Sell the Initiative)

Mid-Level Managers PowerPoint
(Embrace the Initiative)

Make Right Direction visible throughout your workplace.

Poster #1


Poster #2


Poster #3


Poster #4


Poster #5


Poster #6


Poster #7


Poster #8


Poster #9


Poster #10


Poster #11


Poster #12


Poster #13


Poster #14


Poster #15


Poster #16


Poster #17


Poster #18


Employee Handouts
Spread the word to employees with these at-a-glance initiative handouts.

Employee Business Card Handout

At-A-Glance Employee Handout (two-sided informational sheet)

Pocket Card


Pocket Card


Manager Leave Behind

Unbearable Postcard Handout

Email & Intranet Content
Equip your employees with tools and information to help by sharing ready-to-use content.

Educational article for

your company intranet
(Press Release)

Educational article for

your company intranet
(Know the Symptoms)

Educational article for

your company intranet
(Reducing Stress at Work)

3 Tips for Reducing Stress in the Workplace


The Human Cost of Depression


Identifying Depression in the Workplace



3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Well Being



The Role of Patients in Improving Mental Health Care


Keep Workplace Stress at Bay in the New Year



Mental Health Tips to Try Every Day This May



Expand Your Circle of Support


How To Approach Someone with Depression


The Costs of Caregiving to Employers


Overcome Challenges in Mental Health and Substance Use Care

The Cognitive Signs of Depression


Build Better Support Around Postpartum Depression


Tis the Season to Manage Your Mental Health


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