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How employers can combat mental health stigma

By Suzanne Delbanco - Employee Benefit News

May 1 marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Month. Given that almost half of us will suffer from stress, depression, anxiety or some other mental health conditions in our lifetime, one might question if we need the reminder. But this annual effort signifies a much-needed national movement to address one of the biggest barriers we face in combatting these issues: stigma.

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Can Tech Help Manage Mental Health in the Workplace?

Corporate Wellness Magazine

A human being is only as healthy as his or her mind is, and mental illness is a rather silent, slowly developing health problem that significantly reduces employee health and productivity. Employers are gradually beginning to see how vital managing employee mental health in the workplace is.

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Workers with personal problems can seek help

By Malcolm Hall - Canton Repository

A number of area employers and workplaces have employee assistance programs to help staffers navigate through personal issues that might effect job performance.

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It’s Good Business to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

By Marcas Miles - CareForYourMind.org

The stigma that come with mental health issues present harmful barriers to care in many capacities, but they’re particularly detrimental in the workplace, where Americans spend a great deal of their time.

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Easing Workplace Depression

By Karen Pallarito – Crain's Benefits Outlook

Depression is prevalent and, when left untreated, creates a significant drain on workplace productivity. Still, relatively few employers are addressing the issue head-on.

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New Effort Addresses Depression in the Workplace in a “Bearable” Way

By Meryl Lin McKean Fox 4 – Kansas City

If you were depressed, would you talk to co-workers or your boss about it? Would you recognize it in co-workers and know what to do? A new effort got underway in Kansas City Friday to reduce the stigma and the strain depression places on employees and employers.

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Suicide is New Disturbing Trend

By Alan Goforth - BenefitsPro

"Every 20 minutes, someone commits suicide in the United States," says Bert Alicea, licensed psychologist and vice president of EAP and work/life services for Health Advocate Inc.... "Given that rate, there is a possibility of a suicide at your workplace."

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Got a Case of the "Mondays" Every Day of the Week?

Mental Health, USA Today supplement

If every day seems the same, that's a problem. Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy? It makes work even harder.

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A Hidden Legal Risk: A Review of Employer Obligations for Employees with Mental Illness

By Marcus Miles and Irvin "Sam" Muszynski – Conselium

For too long, mental health has remained in the shadows of our employer-led wellness efforts.

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KC-Area Business Leaders Tackle Mental Illness In the Workplace

By Mike Sherry – KCUR.org

Kansas City-area business leaders and health executives are kicking off an effort to make mental health a priority in the workplace.

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Out of the Darkness

By Carol Patton – Human Resource Executive Online

More employers are recognizing the destructive footprint of depression on their workforce and bottom line, and are taking direct aim at the illness.

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Right Direction Employer Resource – De-stigmatizing Depression to Make It Easier to Call EAP

By Disability Management Employer Coalition

Susan Marsico was surprised to learn that depression was a top benefit cost driver at her company.

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Depression in the workplace remains problematic, costs employers billions

By Matt Dunning - Business Insurance

Depression among workers is costing U.S. employers billions, but few companies have devised strategies for effectively reducing the financial and operational effects of depressive illness.

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Kent State tries to get the word out on depression-related benefits

By Matt Dunning - Business Insurance

Employers are unlikely to succeed in reducing the prevalence of depression and other mental disorders in the workplace without changing employee attitudes on the conditions themselves and the available treatments, experts say.

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Grants promote mental health awareness in the workplace

Safety + Health Magazine

The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health recently awarded grants to four organizations to help raise awareness about depression in the workplace.

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Depression’s billion-dollar hit to workplace productivity

By Dan Cook - LifeHealthPro.com

Depression in the workplace extracts a cost -- $44 billion a year. Yet half of employees who self-identify as suffering from depression don't tell their bosses about the disorder for fear of losing their jobs.

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Cost of Depression

WJLA (ABC Washington, D.C.)

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Depression Keeps Many US Workers Off the Job

By Megan Brooks - Medscape

Depression is affecting workplace productivity in America, according to a new survey released today.

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Managers Lack Awareness, Tools To Deal With Depression In The Workplace

By Nick Otto - Employee Benefit News

Depression in the workplace can affect anyone and it takes an emotional toll on those affected, and can also have a significant financial toll on employers.  A new program developed by the American Psychiatric Foundation and Employers Health Coalition aims to provide both employers and employees with the tools needed to help combat depression in the workplace.

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Nearly 25% Of Workers Have Been Diagnosed With Depression, And It's Hurting The Bottom Line

By Tina Reed - Washington Business Journal

Nearly one in four workers in the U.S. have been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lifetime — a fact that is having a big impact on businesses' bottom lines, according to a survey released Wednesday at the National Business Coalition on Health conference in D.C.

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Employers Urged to Improve Depression Interventions

By Rick Nauert, PhD - PsychCentral

A new survey may motivate employers to consider proactive strategies to address depression in the workplace.

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Survey shows nearly a quarter of U.S. workers have been diagnosed with depression in their lifetime

By Lisa Steakley - Scope (Stanford blog)

Depression is a major contributor to absenteeism, reduced productivity and disability among adults in the United States. Now results from a survey examining the societal and economic burden of depression in the workplace show that almost a quarter of employees have been diagnosed with depression in their lifetime and that two in five patients have missed work, for an average of 10 day per year, because of it.

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40 Percent of Depressed Americans Miss Work

By Nick Tate - NewsMaxHealth.com

Two in five people with depression have reported needing to take time off of work — an average of 10 days a year — because of the mental-health condition.

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Two in Five People Miss Work Due to Depression

By Peter R. - Cousel & Heal

Depression forces nearly 40 percent of the workforce to miss at least 10 days of work every year, a new study claims.

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