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Start here and download the Field Guide first! This guide will take you step-by-step through the implementation process.

Tips for Success

Step 1

Getting Started

Get company leadership and managers on board
  • Engage company leaders and managers using the PowerPoint templates in the Materials Library that describe long-term benefits for both the organization and employees.
  • Inform them of the initiative‚Äôs objectives: Increasing awareness of depression and encouraging employees to seek help when they need it.
  • Explain how this initiative will be positioned to drive increased participation into existing company health and wellness programs.
  • Review those health and wellness programs.
  • Define their role in making the initiative successful, including actively showing their support among staff.
  • Use supplied case studies and data points to drive your message home.
Talk with your vendors about the initiative

Use the document Start the Conversation with Your Vendors, available in the Materials Library. It contains a list of questions to discuss with your EAP provider, as well as advice for working with other vendors. Most EAP vendors are eager to partner and help make your Right Direction rollout successful.


Create a calendar

Keep the initiative top-of-mind at your workplace. Develop an ongoing calendar that reminds you to promote it Right Direction. Consider highlighting it with events like Mental Health Month (May).


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