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Tips for Success

Step 2


Engage front-line managers

Since managers have the most contact with employees, they need to understand the importance of taking steps to address the sensitive topic of depression.


  • There are resources in the Materials Library specifically designed for this audience, including PowerPoints, leave-behind pieces and more.
  • Help your managers to understand that they play a crucial role in the success of Right Direction.
  • Include information in regularly scheduled manager training or communications about creating a culture that encourages help-seeking and reduces stigma.
  • Encourage managers to provide feedback to ensure that the initiative has a positive impact.
Spread the word

Take advantage of the many provided communication materials that help make rollout easy in your workplace. Visibility is important for success.


  • Use customizable poster design files and articles for your company intranet. They highlight symptoms of depression and tips for stress reduction in the workplace.
  • Produce and distribute employee handouts, which provide quick and at-a-glance information about the initiative and depression in the workplace.
  • Create messages to staff explaining how they can access existing company health benefits and programs, and remind them about Right Direction. Leverage existing communication channels used for health and wellness messaging.
  • Customize and post already-created educational articles on your company intranet or employee newsletter.
  • Upload visual PSA slides to your organization’s video kiosks.
  • Host general health fairs or one specifically about mental health.
  • Co-brand and utilize resources provided by your EAP or other vendors.
  • Proactively ask and listen for employee feedback.
Hand out Right Direction giveaways that your employees will keep

A Stress Ball Bear sitting on a desk. A sleeping mask to help them catch some more ZZZs. Unique giveaway items are a fun way to spread the word about Right Direction in your workplace. Order stress ball bears here.