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Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Follow these tips as you plan and roll out Right Direction in your workplace. Other employers had great success with these tactics. Get creative. The possibilities are endless!

Tip 1: Hand out Right Direction giveaways that your employees will keep.

A Stress Ball Bear sitting on a desk. A sleeping mask to help them catch some more ZZZs. Unique giveaway items are a fun way to spread the word about Right Direction in your workplace. Click on the images to see what other employers are doing.


Tip 2: Scout out the best poster locations.

Do you know the highest traffic areas in your workplace? Before hanging your Right Direction posters, take a day or two to observe the “flow” of foot traffic to see where they can be most impactful. Get creative!


Tip 3: Get employees’ attention with a high-impact, low-cost display.

When one organization rolled out Right Direction, it set up a campsite in its lobby complete with tents, sleeping bags and a no-flame “fire.” The outdoor scene inside was jarring and helped start conversations.


Setup a campfire scene to help launch, or draw attention to your efforts.
Tip 4: Create videos to spread the word.

A message from upper management. An employee testimonial. A music video (yes, that’s right). All can be used to roll out and reinforce the Right Direction message in your workplace. And you can shoot them right from your smartphone or tablet at virtually no cost!


Tip 5: Include Right Direction at your next employee events.

Hosting a lunch and learn? Facilitating an employee benefits fair? Celebrating the team at an appreciation event? Set up a table with Right Direction giveaways and employee handout materials to spread the word to a captive audience.


Tip 6: Make the bear feel at home.

Paw prints down the hallways. Cut outs on windows, doors or canteen table tops. Download graphics of the Right Direction bear from the Materials Library. You can display them around your workplace to build awareness about Right Direction. Get creative. You could even create a contest about where the bear will appear next.


Tip 7: Use already-written articles in your company communications.

We’ve done the work for you. Use articles and press releases in the Materials Library and in the Right Direction email newsletter on your intranet site, employee newsletters and more.


Tip 8: Sync your Right Direction efforts with national mental health observances.

Piggyback your efforts on mental health observances that take place throughout the year.


Tip 9: Co-brand Right Direction materials with your organization's information.

Pieces in the Right Direction Materials Library can be modified and customized to fit your organization. Please contact for more information on how to get started.